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  1. G Force is Here!

    We’ve got you covered.  Let our experienced technicians repair your computer.  Whether it’s an infection on a desktop or a cracked screen on a laptop, G Force Professionals can fix it.  If you are in need of a new/refurbished computer, we carry these as well.

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  2. Apple Laptops/Desktops

    The world most advanced PC's!  Easy to use and beautiful to look at!  From time to time, we have the opportunity to purchase a bulk order at a discount price and pass the savings on to you!

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  3. Desktops/Laptops

    Whether you have a desktop or a laptop that you can’t live without. We’ll make sure they are up and running, to always do the job they were meant to do. Also, please don’t forget to check out our deals for desktop and laptops!

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  4. Accessories

    PC add-ons or accessories are designed to improve your computer.  Whether you want to boost performance, make tasks easier, or simply make everything work better; there are plenty of options to choose from.

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So What Are You Waiting For CALL US!

704 594-8274


Core Features and Benefits!

  • Alway Local, Alway Available!
  • A Set Price for our Services, there is no Guesswork and No Haggling
  • We Do it Right the First Time
  • 30 Day Warranty on all of our Services!
  • We offer Senior Citizen and College Student Packages!

What our Clients Say!

Leonard sent a text response to a post on Thumbtack in a very short time, then followed up with a call. He was very professional in tone and listened as I described the issue. He was able to fix my problem in a very timely manner at a very reasonable price. I would recommend him to anyone with a computer issue.

image01Scott Shillinglaw - Residential   

What our Clients Say!

Many organizations pay lip service to great customer service but few actually deliver above and beyond expectations. G Force Information Technologies are one such company. Their willingness to go that extra mile for their customers is evident from their round-the-clock IT support.

image01Calvin Nelson - Residential  

What our Clients Say!

We are very happy with the service G Force Information Technologies provides. They are contactable seven days a week and their response times are excellent, which keeps our down time to a minimum.

image01Christopher Abreu - Residential

What our Clients Say!

Just to say we are really impressed with the way you have sorted things for us and the internet seems superfast compared with how it has been. Thank you.

image01Marie Sharp - Residential

What our Clients Say!

We have been delighted with the service and support that has been consistently provided by G Force Information Technologies. They are incredibly responsive and efficient and we look forward to a long association with G Force Information Technologies.

image01Otis Lloyd - Residential

Our Team

More than a bunch of pretty faces, our team at G Force Information Technologies have been working together for more than 10 years, developing unique, innovative support packages that are head and shoulders above anything else you'll find on the market today.

Our business philosophy has always been "be first, be better and ALWAYS be human". We're one of the few or maybe only residential/commercial IT service providing company that supports your PC/Laptop at your home. When you call us, you speak to actual people who support and service your computing needs.

Whether you need help deciding which service or product will work best for your needs, have a question about one of our products, or just want to make sure we really are as human as we claim... just call us at 704 594-8274



Oh Yeah! Don't forget about our services!



One Price fixes all!

There is no guesswork when it comes to the prices for our services!  For drop it off with a 24 hour turnaround time - $75, pickup service with a 24 hour turnaround time - $100, for repair onsite - $125

PC/Laptop Repair (Apple or IBM Compabitable- PC)

Whether it for computer repair, memory upgrades, operating system upgrades, operating system reinstallation, hard drive replacement and data retrieval, new PC installation or PC repair whether onsite or pickup, we are your company!

Virus Removal

Everybody get a virus at one time or another, without it being any fault to the user.  Virus are designed to sneak into your PC without you knowing it. Even though you are current on your updates and stay away from emails with unknown senders.So when you PC/laptop have unusual pop-ups, cnannot connect to the Internet and moving slower than usual, DON'T HESITATE, Call us!

Network/Wireless Setup

We'll set up your PC/Laptop for your personal use, to include email, synching email to your smartphone.

Data Transfer or Backup

We'll copy the content from your old PC or Hard Drive into your new PC or Hard Drive.

Have a Question? Call Us!
Call Us

Want a quote before you purchase? Call us, if you have questions about our products or services... 980 430-1295


G Force Information Technolgies is born on 1 September 2015!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Quotes Rotator

"If you drop your PC/Laptop off at our shop.  You will have your PC/Laptop back within 24 hours, all for $75. The only exception is, if some parts need to be replaced and we have to order it!"

G Force Director

"If we pickup your PC/Laptop from your place of business or home, you will have your PC/Laptop back within 24 hours for $100. The only exception is, if parts need to be replaced and we have to order it."

G Force Director

"If you desire us to repair your PC/Laptop in your home, that will be a charge of $125.  Please be aware, there are some issues that we cannot fix in your home.  We need to sometimes repair PC/Laptops in our Lab, but if we do, you will have it back withn 24 hours, providing no parts need to be replaced. "

G Force Director

"We can fix some issues on your PC/Laptop remotely for a mere $25. "

G Force Director

"From time to time, we have big sales on Apple and IBM compatiable PC/Laptops, for huge savings."

G Force Director

"We also have miscellaenous item for sale like external hard drives, USB drives and many other items.  Look for our annoucements for our sales!"

G Force Director